Breastfeeding Art Wednesday from Picasso

So much beauty and grace in this painting by Picasso in 1909. And a good example of the cross cradle position. The baby’s hand is on the breast helping massage and stimulate mom. Baby and Mom are draped under a beautiful shawl and I envision baby to be naked underneath so Mom can be Skin2Skin… Continue reading Breastfeeding Art Wednesday from Picasso

Delaying Newborn Bath. Teaching Tuesday

Do you have a Birth Plan?  A guide line for your team of how you would like you and your baby's birth to go (I say YOU and your baby because you will both be born that day)?  What about a plan for once the baby arrives?  It is a really good idea to have a plan… Continue reading Delaying Newborn Bath. Teaching Tuesday

Motivation Monday Begins…

This quote is so true, but so easy to forget as the "Mom Chaos" can unfold every day.   Often we focus on one mistake we make instead of all the VICTORIES we accomplish in a day.  I am right there with you.  Raising my Guilty Hand. But starting today, and everyday forward, this is… Continue reading Motivation Monday Begins…

Babies are Noisy Sleepers!

#teachingtuesday Thank you @lucywebberbreastfeeding_ibclc for sharing this. Babies are noisy sleepers! I remember when my son was a newborn thinking,” why did no one tell me this?! And tell me it’s normal!” But is normal. newborns are adjusting to the world. Sleeping on their backs is a must , but it’s also something the baby… Continue reading Babies are Noisy Sleepers!

Overcoming The Obstacles of Breastfeeding (And Fifteen Reasons You Can Do It)

Completely fascinating read! 15 amazing reasons to breastfeed. If you are struggling with feeding your baby or your pregnant and need help to get started, contact me. I would love to assist and answer your questions. Share with a new mom or pregnant friend.     Source: Overcoming The Obstacles of Breastfeeding (And Fifteen Reasons… Continue reading Overcoming The Obstacles of Breastfeeding (And Fifteen Reasons You Can Do It)