Breastfeeding Advice

“Nobody told me how hard Breastfeeding is. I thought it was this natural thing that all women should be able to do with ease, and when it wasn’t easy for me I got really down on myself and frustrated. I contacted Latchsmith and she responded right away. Not only did she assure me that this is not “easy”, but she gave me great advice about different things to try. I thought breastfeeding wasn’t for me, but with her help and encouragement I learned that it was. Now, I can’t wait to breastfeed when I have my next baby, and it’s great to know that if I get frustrated again, Latchsmith will be there to help!”

~Lisa in Westchester

Concerns on Weight Gain

Nicole helped me tremendously when my infant daughter wasn’t gaining weight. She went over breastfeeding techniques and strategies with me and followed up to make sure everything was working out okay (it was, in large part because of her help!). She made me feel super comfortable and I’ll definitely reach out to her again if any more issues come up.

~Sara in New York

In Need of Support

When I felt lost and like I was doing everything wrong with my newborn…I posted on a Facebook mom group for help. Nicole had responded and we started talking in a private message. She instantly gave me her number and then we were on the phone all in a matter of minutes. I have never met Nicole in person, but she quickly became a huge part of my support system (we have no family nearby). She gave me suggestions and advice and made me feel more sane. She was constantly checking in on me and even offered to come to my house to watch the baby while I showered. She was nothing but amazing towards me and I still get emotional just thinking that someone like her exists in the world and had come to my rescue. Being a new mom is beyond overwhelming and having Nicole’s support just over text and phone made things a little bit easier for me

~Anne in Queens, New York

Help with Mastitis

I had a bad case of mastitis when my daughter was 5 months old. I had recently had a particularly demanding stretch at work, and I came down with the infection pretty suddenly. Nicole was absolutely amazing, caring, and super responsive and available. She gave me tons of helpful tips to keep the pain at bay, and checked in a few times to make sure my infection was clearing up. I was able to reach out to her whenever I had a question or concern, which did wonders for my peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly!

~Christine in New York, New York

Help with Baby #2

I am a mom of baby #2 and was having trouble with oversupply and nursing in the first few weeks. My milk came in unexpectedly fast. I was in pain, engorged, and frustrated. I started using a nipple shield by recommendation of the hospital to help with my latch.  My nipples are short and with my first I used a nipple shield for 8 solid months. Baby 2 was frustrated by the shield, engorgement, letdown… you name it… and as was I.

Nicole was so calm and patient in her approach. Both helping me and my newborn work through the various challenges. When she recommended a “boobie bath” to me and sent a cartoon image of what that might look like, I have to admit I was hesitant. But I was also desperate and willing to try anything! After many tears from me, and giggles by my husband, it worked! There was so much relief…

Nicole was also so encouraging and coached me with ways to not have to use the nipple shield. I am proud to say with baby 2 we don’t use the shield at all and we are doing fantastically with our breastfeeding journey thanks to Nicole!

Not only is she an amazing LC, she’s a great mom with a lot of wisdom, whom I’d recommend to other moms having challenges nursing or in need of advice on breastfeeding!!!

~Krista in New York