I’m Nicole Rende, a Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator, Gentle Potty Learning Coach and a mom of two boys.

After overcoming my own feeding struggles, I successfully breastfed both sons past my goal. Recognizing my own need for support and information during my baby’s first months, I became inspired to provide a helpful foundation to other new parents.

I understand breastfeeding can be a challenge so I am here to help support YOU achieve your newborn feeding goals.

I offer prenatal and postnatal newborn feeding support via Phone, Virtually or In Home Consults within Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn (a travel fee may apply).

I am fully vaccinated and always wear a mask when doing in home consults.

Contact me by Phone (914-659-5561) or Email (latchsmith22@gmail.com).

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When I felt lost and like I was doing everything wrong with my newborn…I posted on a Facebook Mom’s group for help. Nicole had responded and we started talking in a private message. She instantly gave me her number and then we were on the phone all in a matter of minutes. I have never met Nicole in person, but she quickly became a huge part of my support system (we have no family nearby). She gave me suggestions and advice and made me feel more sane. She was constantly checking in on me and even offered to come to my house to watch the baby while I showered. She was nothing but amazing towards me and I still get emotional just thinking that someone like her exists in the world and had come to my rescue. Being a new mom is beyond overwhelming and having Nicole’s support just over text and phone made things a little bit easier for me

Anne in Queens

In Need of Support

“I had a bad case of mastitis when my daughter was 5 months old. I had recently had a particularly demanding stretch at work, and I came down with the infection pretty suddenly. Nicole was absolutely amazing, caring, and super responsive and available. She gave me tons of helpful tips to keep the pain at bay, and checked in a few times to make sure my infection was clearing up. I was able to reach out to her whenever I had a question or concern, which did wonders for my peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly!”

Christine in New York

Help with Mastitis

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