Babies are Noisy Sleepers!

#teachingtuesday Thank you @lucywebberbreastfeeding_ibclc for sharing this. Babies are noisy sleepers! I remember when my son was a newborn thinking,” why did no one tell me this?! And tell me it’s normal!” But is normal. newborns are adjusting to the world. Sleeping on their backs is a must , but it’s also something the baby is not used to doing. 🤱🏼👶🏼🤰🏼#newmomproblems #new parent problems #newbabyproblems #newborns #mom #breastfeeding #breastmilk #lactation #lactationconsultant #latchsmith #RepostPlus @lucywebberbreastfeeding_ibclc

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A baby’s digestive system is still really immature, and to move their wind and poo along they wriggle and squirm about, with accompanying grunts and snorts.

For safe sleep we put babies on their backs, and that’s so important, but really unhelpful for digestion! Imagine if you were digesting a full meal, would you lie flat on your back? It’s even more difficult for a baby that’s been curled up inside the womb for so long, flat is such an unnatural position for them.

So what can you do?

Well, some babies really aren’t bothered by it, they’re noisy and wriggling but still happily asleep. Watch them and see.

Most tend to get more squirmy as the night goes on, probably because of being stretched out for longer as the night goes on.

If they are bothered by it, the answer is pretty much the same as always… boob, cuddle, skin to skin!

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