Motivation Monday Begins…


This quote is so true, but so easy to forget as the “Mom Chaos” can unfold every day.   Often we focus on one mistake we make instead of all the VICTORIES we accomplish in a day.  I am right there with you.  Raising my Guilty Hand.

But starting today, and everyday forward, this is going to be the words I say before I begin my day.  And I am also going to repeat these words before I fall asleep. (I may need to remind myself through out my day too)

Using a Mantra, such as this, can really help to bring you back to focus and breath.  When saying this quote,

  • Cross your arms over your chest in front of you as if you are hugging yourself.  [Hugging yourself is a great tactic when feeling anxious and panicked. Hugs have  shown to increases oxytocin, and decreases cortisol.]
  • Breathe
  • This Quote has twenty syllables.  As you say each word, tap your fingers to each syllable.

This technique can be used with almost any Mantra. The hugging, breathing and taping of your fingers will all help to raise your oxytocin and lower the cortisol.  (also great to teach your kids and husband)

Parents! You Got This!  I See You!  You’re Doing a Great Job! You Are Doing Your Best!


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