Are parents to obsessed with babies weight gain or loss?

I’m sharing this article because I believe it has some really interesting points from newborn to childhood. Knowing your babies percentile is great but there is a bigger picture then just the numbers. Many things need to be taken in to account to help the parent and child. I hope sharing this helps. Ask questions at the doctors. Always feel free to ask me. You got this ! #newborn #momlife #momstruggles #breastfeeding #pumpingmilk #pumpingmom #formulafedbaby #newmom #parents #latchsmith

From the article:

“Regular baby weigh-ins are a rite of passage, but many parents look back at this time with a deep sense of failure; when told their child isn’t “gaining enough” they’re left feeling like they didn’t try hard enough with this whole feeding business.

Numbers on the scale have become a defining measure of an infant’s progress. And the message given to parents is that more weight gain is better.

Yet, in the research world, we have known for a decade that being big and growing fast in infancy is a strong risk factor for obesity in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. This evidence has not filtered down to our front-line health professionals and importantly, the advice given to parents. We need to talk about why”

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