Cup Feeding

It’s amazing to watch this baby cup feed. A wonderful solution if the mom is unable to breastfeed right away. I developed preeclampsia two days after my son was born so I was unable to physically breastfeed him for 24hrs. I was able to pump and my husband would bring the milk to the nursery. He was feed from cup and syringe mostly. Both great options. Spoon feeding is another. It’s great for that “liquid gold🏅” colostrum. It’s a small amount and it’s thick. Perfect for feeding this way. Also easier to hand express in a cup or on a spoon. 👶🏼🤱🏼❤️🥛🥄. #knowbeforeyougo #breastfeed #cupfeeding #spoonfeeding #syringefeeding #pumpingmilk #colostrum #pumpingmom #mom #newmom #newborn #newbaby #breastmilk #latchsmith

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