It’s ok to say no

Saying No is so hard. But it is ok to say no to visitors if the time is not right for you and the baby. Be honest with yourself and the visitors. And when they ask if you need any help, take it. That might mean not coming, coming and holding the baby while you shower, or even bring over a grocery item you need. I remember asking people to bring me milk. Even though I was breastfeeding and breastmilk was always on my mind. I never remembered I needed milk for myself and my much needed coffee. Share what you need or don’t need. 🤰🏼🤱🏼👶🏼 #latchsmith #sayingno #momhelp #momlife #newmom #breastfedbaby #momsupportingmoms #momsupport #newborn #pumpingmilk #normalizebreastfeeding #yougotthismama

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