Mom of Baby #2

“I am a mom of baby #2 and was having trouble with oversupply and nursing in the first few weeks. My milk came in unexpectedly fast. I was in pain, engorged, and frustrated. I started using a nipple shield by recommendation of the hospital to help with my latch.  My nipples are short and with my first I used a nipple shield for 8 solid months. Baby 2 was frustrated by the shield, engorgement, letdown… you name it… and as was I. 

Nicole was so calm and patient in her approach. Both helping me and my newborn work through the various challenges. When she recommended a “boobie bath” to me and sent a cartoon image of what that might look like, I have to admit I was hesitant. But I was also desperate and willing to try anything! After many tears from me, and giggles by my husband, it worked! There was so much relief… 

Nicole was also so encouraging and coached me with ways to not have to use the nipple shield. I am proud to say with baby 2 we don’t use the shield at all and we are doing fantastically with our breastfeeding journey thanks to Nicole! 

Not only is she an amazing LC, she’s a great mom with a lot of wisdom, whom I’d recommend to other moms having challenges nursing or in need of advice on breastfeeding!!!”

Krista in New York